"I still find it hard to believe he chose not to sell this..."

I just watched this on Blu-ray and the production quality is amazing. This had to of cost a fortune to produce and Major Ed Dames is so famous that he could have easily sold this new documentary and made piles of money but he didn't! There's a lot to be said when you see a successful Remote Viewer uses his own funds to produce something like this and just gives it away. I still find it hard to believe he chose not to sell this but I thank him. The information on here really clears up the Killshot prediction and makes so much sense once you understand how RV really works. I've been putting off learning RV but I'm finally going to bite the bullet and do it.
J. donson, Bellevue, WA

"...it's easy to see how the writing is on the wall..."

The Killshot is truly frightening but Ed doesn't use this video as a scare tactic. He seems to be very level headed about our world today and it's easy to see how the writing is on the wall for upcoming disasters. The evidence in here showing some other RV predictions that have already come to pass truly can't be denied. I'm glad to see Remote Viewing becoming more credible and popular as each year passes. Everyone needs to learn this!
M. Danaheem, Gulfport, MS

"...he has always strived to be a true humanitarian..."

I went to one of Ed Dames' live workshop in the US and he is the most amazing instructor I have ever witnessed. A lot of people don't care for his alarming messages and military officer personality but no one can deny when it comes to Remote Viewing predictions and teaching this skill, no one comes close to Ed's methods. You WILL learn with Ed Dames and his latest Killshot video is just another example of how he has always strived to be a true humanitarian rather than focusing on the bottom line.
Mark, Boulder, CO

"I would pay attention, they have been right in the past..."

The predictions that have been made my Remote Viewing are often scary and this new video is no exception. I would pay attention, they have been right in the past about some pretty big stuff like the Japanese tsunami so this could really happen too. Either way. I'd rather be prepared than not. Thank you Major Dames for giving this video away for free, you are truly amazing.
Amara G., Alhambra, CA

"The Killshot is an amazing documentary..."

The Killshot is an amazing documentary that shows the real side of Ed Dames and Remote Viewing. Why is it that so many people have a hard time believing that Remote Viewing is real? It was a top-secret military program for 20 years, was declassified and proven to work on TV shows, news programs and live on camera in front of network TV crews over and over again. You come to a point where any rational person would have to stop and say, "Yea this works"!
P. Gosin., Fresno, CA

"I'll be following Ed on Coast to Coast AM..."

What's there is really amazing but I would have liked to see even more evidence on past predictions. I've heard there's more in Ed's Viewing the Future DVD so I'll have to check that out. The info regarding the killshot itself is definitely eye opening and offers a clearer look on the prediction than ever before. I'll be following Ed on Coast to Coast AM for hopefully even more info.
Jason, K., Troy, MI

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